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International Short Film Competition, Amazine 2023

2nd Edition: Environment in Venezuela, crisis and solutions

Amazine Awards 2023

After viewing and discussing the various projects submitted with the conditions and terms proposed by the organization of the international competition of short films and reports for the Venezuelan environment Amazine 2023, a process of evaluation of each of the proposals received was carried out and the jury unanimously agreed to award the AMAZINE 2023 prize to:  

CAIMAN DEL ORINOCO. A LONG JOURNEY TO DENMARK by Diego Bilbao as it is an excellent report that shows the sustained efforts made in Venezuela to prevent the extinction of critically endangered species; in particular an emblematic species of the Venezuelan fauna such as the Orinoco Caiman.

The jury has also decided to award the following special mentions:

Special Mention to EL DUELO DEL AGUA by Rafael Hernández for its courageous portrayal of the terrible socio-environmental situation that Lake Maracaibo, located in Western Venezuela, is going through.

Special mention to the fiction short film SOBREPLASTIFICACIÓN directed by Pamela Paredes (Paraguay) for the poetic narrative and excellent cinematography with which she leads us to confront a problem that is currently causing so much damage in the world and in which we are all involved.  

In Madrid, Spain on the 03rd day of November 2023.

Members of the Amazine 2023 Jury

John Petrizzelli  
President of the Jury

John Marquez

Alex Fergusson Laguna


This contest is organized by the Watunna Venezuela Association from Montpellier, France.


The creation myths of the Yekuana Indians of the Orinoco region of Venezuela provide a transparent look at the poetic process by which human beings construct meaning from their experience. Narrated by Stan Brakhage. Music and sound by Bruce Odland.

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