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𝘊𝘰𝘯𝘤𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘰 𝘐𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘯𝘢𝘤𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘭 𝘥𝘦 𝘊𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘰𝘮𝘦𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘫𝘦𝘴 organized by the Watunna Venezuela Association from Montpellier, France.

This audiovisual contest aims to convene, recognize and disseminate pieces whose themes are committed to the environment in Venezuela. The objectives are entirely cultural, activism and environmental conservation.

THEME 2023: Environment in Venezuela: Crisis and Solutions.

  • John Petrizzelli, screenwriter, director and producer (Jury President)

  • Alex Fergusson, biologist and researcher in Human Ecology.

  • John Márquez, director of photography

1. General Standards:

- Persons of any age and of any nationality may participate in the competition. Those who are minors at the time of registration must have the authorization of their father/mother or legal guardian, indicating their details on the registration form.

- Each contestant may submit a maximum of 2 short films. The theme of the short film will be about: Environment in Venezuela, crisis and solutions, covering the entire national geography, from the city to the jungle. Both fiction and animation works, documentaries or narrative interviews may be submitted.

- All short films submitted will compete for a single PRIZE of 2,000 euros. The prize is unique regardless of the number of authors of the short film. It cannot be cumulative.
- The winning short film will be chosen by a jury appointed for this purpose, whose decision is final.

- The addition of any other recognition or special mention not established in these rules will be duly announced in the communication channels of this contest (social networks, website, press releases, etc.).

- Deadline for entries: Until October 15, 2023.

2.  Competition:

Short films that meet the following conditions are eligible to participate:

- Short films produced between the years 2015 - 2023 are accepted for nomination.

- Short films must be subtitled in English. If the original version is in English, it must be subtitled in Spanish.

- The short film must have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, including opening and closing credits.

- Each contestant may submit a maximum of 2 short films. The theme of the short film will be about: Environment in Venezuela, crisis and solutions, covering the entire national geography, from the city to the jungle. Both fiction and animation works, documentaries or narrative interviews may be submitted.

- The short films may be recorded with any type of device and their presentation format must be horizontal in MP4 format (with a minimum resolution of 1080 (HD) for its partial or total reproduction and/or projection. In case a video is produced in square or vertical format, the file must be inserted in HD horizontal format with maximum resolution, as described above adding black bands on the left and right sides.
- Each work must be submitted by a person, organization or company that owns the full rights to it or legally represents it. These total rights include the economic rights of the work, musical licenses on the soundtrack and authorization for the use of the image of the actors/participants and/or signed authorization from parents/guardians in the event that minors appear in the short film. In case of any claim, the work will be disqualified from the contest and AMAZINE organizers will be exempted from any responsibility.


3. Registration:

- The registration period is open and ends on October 15, 2023 at 18h00 hours (Spain). This deadline may be extended if the organization deems it appropriate.

- Download the online registration form located at and when duly completed, send it with the link of the submitted work to our email:

- For the pre-selection process, contestants must upload the short film to an online viewing platform such as Youtube or Vimeo, and send with the registration form the link with its respective password - valid until the jury's deliberation - in case it is configured as private.
- If you wish to submit more than one work, it is necessary to fill out an application form for each short film submitted.

- The Watunna Venezuela Association, the organizer of this contest, understands that whoever registers as a participant has full rights over the work in order to register it and accept the rules established in this call for entries.

- The organizers reserve the right not to admit the pieces that, according to their criteria, do not comply with the artistic, technical and/or legal conditions required or damage the good image and reputation of the Watunna Venezuela Association.

- Applications made outside the dates established herein, or incomplete applications will not be considered. Before sending the application, please verify that you have included all the information and links correctly.

- After verifying that the submitted works comply with the terms and conditions, Watunna Venezuela will contact the participant to confirm that his/her short film has been admitted to the competition.

4. Development of the Contest:

- All works received that comply with the terms and conditions of this call for entries and meet the minimum requirements of quality and technical conditions will proceed to the competition phase.

- The decisions of the Jury, including the final decision, will be taken by simple majority.

- The AMAZINE Jury will view all the short films admitted to the competition and will issue its decision, awarding the established prizes.

- Once the contest has been resolved, the organization will ask the winners to verify all the data provided in the contest registration, and the prizes will be awarded after the verification of such data.

- The jury's decision and the Audience Award will be published on the contest website and its social networks.

5. Winning Works:

For the purpose of its public communication and projection, the person, organization or company owning the rights to the work must send, by email or via postal mail to the address of the headquarters of the Competition: Association Watunna Venezuela: 35 rue de Padirac A2034070 Montpellier (France) the following:

- Final link of the work in MP4 with the possibility of downloading in high quality.

- Official poster of the nominated piece, 3 photographs of the film and a photograph of the director of the work to be used for promotional purposes of the contest.

- Teaser or Trailer of the submitted work in MP4 to be used for promotional purposes of the contest through social networks, TV, streming, indoor or outdoor projections, etc.

6. General Questions:

- Under no circumstances will short films that do not respect human rights or democratic values, or that have offensive or disrespectful content towards individuals or collectives be accepted for the contest.

- The short films may be reproduced and disseminated on any platform that the Watunna Venezuela Association considers appropriate, only for advertising purposes of the contest and without any profit motive.

- The winning short film may be exhibited on the website of the Watunna Venezuela Association.
- The Watunna Venezuela Association trusts in the legality and authorship of the participants and their works and at no time is responsible for any usurpation of identity, copy or total or partial modification of any other pre-existing work or works that do not recognize the rights of their authors and/or record companies (script, music licenses, etc.). In case of any third party claim, the work will be disqualified from the contest and the organizers will be exempted from any responsibility.

- The participants will declare to accept the processing of personal data necessary for the management of the contest.

- The authors of the works cede to the Watunna Venenezuela Association the non-commercial, non-exclusive rights for the realization of particular screenings (pedagogical, conferences, etc.), consisting of the reproduction and exhibition of the short film within the general framework of this contest, and even for future editions, in any of its editions, as well as for advertising or promotional purposes of the same, which will always be exercised with the recognition of their condition as authors, unless otherwise stated.

- Any unforeseen eventuality arising in relation to the development of the AMAZINE international short film competition that has not been expressly contemplated in these rules, will be resolved in accordance with the criteria of the organization.

- Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of its rules.

7. Data Protection:

- In accordance with the new European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD 2016/679 of the European Parliament), and the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights, the personal data of the participants in AMAZINE, International Short Film Competition will become part of the database of the Watunna Venezuela Association and will not be used for any purpose other than the management and promotion of said competition nor will they be transferred to third parties without your prior consent. Likewise, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of the data at any time by contacting us at:

8. Assignment of Rights, Authorship and Responsability:

- The registered Participant is solely responsible for the short film and everything included in it (images and sounds of other authors). In the event of any claim, the participant must settle any legal matter claimed.

- The Watunna Venezuela association declines all legal responsibility for the short films and their content.


The creation myths of the Yekuana Indians of the Orinoco region of Venezuela provide a transparent look at the poetic process by which human beings construct meaning from their experience. Narrated by Stan Brakhage. Music and sound by Bruce Odland.

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